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Industrial Insights has partnered with Seeking Alpha to provide a user-friendly platform and back-end support for subscribers. Highlights include Seeking Alpha's Money-Back Guarantee and Free Trial Program, which means that subscribers are fully protected. The Free Trial can be cancelled at any time, and after the trial, the subscriber can cancel and will receive a prompt refund for any remaining unused months of the subscription.

You can find more details by following this link to Seeking Alpha's Landing Page

For a monthly cost of $69/month (discounted to $599/year), subscribers receive:

  • Insightful analysis on niche companies with little to no Wall Street coverage.
  • Real-time portfolio updates on all trades made; full-time access to analyst via Live Chat.
  • Proven successful track record via market-beating returns. Ranked in the Top 1% according to TipRanks.
  • Conference coverage and management interviews. Receive unique information normally reserved for Wall Street insiders.
  • Weekly macro analysis on key trends driving markets alongside a curated list of top opportunities.
  • High-touch assistance with developing and crafting the perfect portfolio for your given situation.